Welcome to the Birds of Coiba!!  The following pages will lead you to a  customized birding tour of Coiba National Park / World Heritage Site.  Let us know what your interests are and we will create an accommodating itinerary.

Bird Coiba National Park / World Heritage Site: small groups, quality service, personal attention... safety first!!

Coiba National Park offers the opportunity to snorkel healthy tropical reefs...and to get lucky enough to swim with the biggest fish in the sea!!!  From Angel Fish to Whale Sharks & Eagle Rays to Frog Fish...come see for yourself... it's not just for the Birds!!!

Below are a pictures taken exclusively from participation in a Bird Coiba Tour!!!
The sunscreen that washes off your body when swimming may affect aquatic life including corals. Common chemical sunscreen ingredients, such as oxybenzone, can bleach coral and damage coral reefs.

Please take the time to use 'coral safe sunscreen'!