Bird Coiba National Park / World Heritage Site: 

small groups, quality service, personal attention... safety first!!

Granito de Oro
Bird Coiba can include some fine (if not spectacular!) snorkeling during your birding tour!!!  Family, friends, children, elders...are all welcome!
Coiba National Park is blessed with Whale Shark visits through out the year!!  Dec-March and July-August are favorite months for observing this enormous fish!
The critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle.
If you enjoy the underwater world be sure to take advantage of being in such an amazing environment...the coral reefs of Coiba National Park.  You will soon find out that your birding guide is a 'fish' in the sea.  His presence in these waters ensures confidence and safety.  From the stealth reef sharks to the elegant glide of the Hawksbill Turtle, Bird Coiba will show it off!

Please bring coral reef safe sunscreen!!! The sunscreen that washes off your body when swimming may affect aquatic life including corals. Common chemical sunscreen ingredients, such as oxybenzone, can bleach coral and damage coral reefs.

Bring your own personal mask and snorkel. Send Javier your shoe/'flipper' size. He will have your fins waiting for you upon arrival!
Isla Canales de Afuera...Outer Channel Island
Green Turtle
... all photos from Coiba National Park.